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Napkin Diaries is a collection of ideas that began as observations, poems, sketches and lyrical ideas scrawled in haste on Cocktail Napkins; the most readily available medium for a gigging Jazz Musician as he ran from stage to bar, before the notion was lost forever in the haze of the next moment, the next improvisation, the next song. Somehow these napkins were stashed away and survived five moves, two expeditions, a divorce, two earthquakes and a resuscitation.

Then, during one of the excavations of a storage unit, a few of the old napkins flew out and an idea started to grow. David dug through old boxes and suitcases filled with unexplored inventions, song ideas, movie ideas, comedy ideas and angry rants. He pored over them and began to rework these thoughts, honing them down to the purest essence of thought. Eventually deciding to use an old manual typewriter to put them back on his medium of choice: The Cocktail Napkin.

Napkin Diaries began appearing on instagram and facebook in April of 2015 under the anonymous username dbwii. it can now be found at

In February of 2016 the first volume of Napkin Diaries was published; but, there's more than just the stories to this story.

After publishing Napkin Diaries on Blurb, I realized that these "Print On Demand" (POD) Publisherws were charging a ridiculous amount for the book to be published and that it would be difficult and in-fact unfair for me to ask fans to pay roughly $40 per book, so I launched a Kickstarter so I could print 1000 copies directly to a printer. I raised enough money to successfully print the first 1000 Hardcover Books and 1000 Audio CDs and was even able to create special editions for the people hwo supported it. 150 Extremely Limited Edition Crowdfunders Only Napkin Diaries Vol 1 (ELCOND1) will be available in Late September. Sorry, it's too lae to get one, they are only going to folks that funded the campaign. I am accepting presale purchase of the book because only about 500 will be available for sale before the Holidays.

and there's more: There are original art pieces for sale on Etsy, there are original reporductions, CDs and other kinds of rewards and 9 more volumes of Napkindiaries will be coming soon so let me know if you wish to be notified on the pre-sale editions of the next volumes.

Napkin Diaries isn't just for reading, it's for listening too.

I am recording a CD of the book with my band as spoken word pieces and wil actually be offering he option for fans to be on the album, reading the works to the band.

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Coming soon are videos demonstrating the creation process. Napkin Diaries address a variety of topics and they usually have several interpretations and several layers. Each one takes hours to create once the poem is actually written and edited. Each poem is typed carefully and strategically on a cocktail napkin and then photographed in various lighting settings, then signed, stamped and sealed. Then the images are posted on social media and eventually will be published with other related stories and poetry in picturebook form. This collection begins with the first volume of collected works: "poetry petite"

Following Collections will be focused on specific topics like Relationships, Spirituality, Recovery, Artistry and the Creative Process etc...

For serious collectors, I also sell the actual napkins with certificates of authenticity and a high resolution image that was featured in the books. There are also original reproductions and you can find these on Etsy at

I am woefully behind in creating the items in the store because there are over 300 of them, so if there is one you like, please contact me directly and I can arrange for it.

You can preview these poems as I create them in instagram at

and you can read more in-depth dissertations on my wordpress at



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