Engagement Rings

Where Does Your Diamond Engagement Ring Come From?

One of the most fascinating prospects of buying an engagement ring featuring a diamond is the fact that your precious gemstone will have come from somewhere deep, deep underground. Whether you’re yet to propose or if you’re the recipient of your own diamond ring; don’t you want to learn more about where your stone would have come from, not to mention the incredible amount of time that it would have taken to form?

Are all diamonds the same?

The simplest answer would be to say yes and no. Yes, because they are all produced in the same way, but no because each and every one will have its own unique structure and atomic composition. All diamonds are the purified form of carbon – a substance and mineral that is present in all living things.

Carbon is also present in non-living objects, such as rocks, and many geologists believe that it was the presence of volcanoes millennia ago that helped to shoot carbon high into the sky as dust, where it was able to reform and solidify. This process is what leads to the creation of diamonds – a natural occurrence that takes place deep underground.